Bob Bastek

Bob Bastek is the resident design guru for Unstoppable Signals. He has a degree in Graphic Design and Communications and lives in eastern Michigan with his beautiful wife, Alison, and their dog and cat, Izzie and Zen.

Bob joined the Unstoppable Signals crew not long after all these shenanigans got started, during the early days of HNBF. He hopes one day to see Firefly in the sky again.

In his free time, he likes to read/write/watch science fiction and fantasy, play D&D, play video games, train Jiu-Jitsu/MMA and spend every waking minute he isn’t doing one of the above, working with all the awesome folks from Unstoppable Signals.

Visit to see some of his other work.

About the Author

Bob Bastek is a Graphic Designer living in eastern Michigan and an avid member of the Unstoppable Signals crew. You can visit to see some of his other work.