Shuttle 2: Welcome aboard


Our gracious friends here at Unstoppable Signals have carved out a section of their site just for us. Shuttle 2 is our own place for the fans to blog about all things related to Unstoppable Signals, Firefly, or just Sci-Fi in general.  The Shuttle’s crew posts can be viewed and commented on over here, with more to come from everyone.  Our special guest blogger, Hot Nerd Girl will be posting on occasion so keep an eye out; we’re paid through the end of the month.

We only have one rule here, and that is civility, there will be no free for all anger battles here!  There won’t be censorship of polite honest opinions, but blatant hatred and trolling will be deleted.

Have some interesting thoughts of your own and like to see them posted also? Shoot an e-mail over to and we’ll see about getting it posted.

About the Author

Thor Kuhn is your average Sci-Fi Fan, trying to enjoy TV's current sci-fi line up before it's all canceled. He can be reached at: Thor.Kuhn(@)