‘Course, that ain’t exactly plan A.

Hi folks, it’s been awhile. We’ve been crazy busy, as I’m sure many of you are. So I’ll jump right in-

Browncoats, how would you like to do the impossible once more?! But this time in only 7 days.

I have seen Browncoats accomplish incredible things. Whether it be Can’t Stop the Serenity, Browncoats:Redemption, or the ridiculous multitude of awesome local Browncoat groups… we are oh so many and oh so powerful. So I wonder, what can we do that is big enough to kick off the summer season and ring in “Can’t Stop the Serenity” this year. Well- lets have an event we can all participate in. An event for every Browncoat across the turnin’ worlds.

I have seen the idea tossed about by many of you. An answer to the questions “What can we do to convince Netflix that the ‘verse is worth their while? What can we do to prove that Neilsen ratings arent the be-all and end-all?” Well, how about this- let’s just have the largest on-demand watch party ever! Let’s get the most people ever streaming the same show at the same time from Netflix- 4 episodes of Firefly – and show them its worth a few hundred million to invest in it! Not that they are required to respond, hell, they’re Netflix! But perhaps if we show them that the overwhelming horde of Browncoats worldwide would pay more to see firefly… well, maybe they’ll think twice.

Pencil in June 23rd, 2011, 8pm EST – Midnight EST(5pm-9pm PST) to celebrate Joss Whedon’s birthday by sending the signal further than it’s ever gone before. How many Browncoats can we get on Netflix for four wonderful hours of awesome? Remember that guy who once commented how cool Jayne’s hat was?  Make him a Browncoat! Or how about that chick who fell in love with Nathan Fillion as Castle? Tell her he gets nekkid in Firefly! Bring one, two people each, get them to watch, and lets see if we can do something truly mighty… lets see if we can show Netflix just how much we are dying to watch Firefly. No more runnin’, folks, I aim to misbehave! Share it with every Browncoat and Sci-Fi fan you know. Tell the world, we ain’t ruttin’ kidding!

Sign up for Netflix to watch!
Don’t have an account? They have a free trial.
Instantly watch from thousands of TV episodes & movies streaming from Netflix. Try Netflix for FREE!
If you’re out of the country- get your DVDs ready!
If you’ll be at work, flip on for a few minutes on your android or iPhone.
But most of all, wish someone happy Serenity day!

Its in your hands, Browncoats- you have seven days to recruit the world to the cause. Send the signal far and wide!
The Event – https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=224175140940941
Which episodes you want to watch? –
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At the beginning of the marathon, we will deliver the following letter to Netflix to an address as yet to be determined. Sign it below with your “likes” and share it far and wide.

Dear Ted Sarandos (Chief Content Officer) and Reed Hastings (CEO),


We, the collected fans of Science Fiction have a humble respect for you. I personally, and many among us, love Netflix. Many have reduced or given up altogether our cable subscriptions to use your streaming services- I suppose that makes us in business terms early adopters.

We science fiction fans are ready to be early adopters for another model. Again and again, we have seen our favorite shows axed due to their perceived limited appeal- and by that we mean limited appeal to advertisers -among the general public. We believe that you are the only distribution channel through which true, high quality science fiction can be distributed in a way that will guarantee more than single season flashes, as your model accomodates what the people want rather than what advertisers will pay for. We propose that if you will consider buying our beloved shows, first among which is Firefly, we would pay more- perhaps even double the standard unlimited-viewing subscription, to help make it happen. We have already shown that we were willing to give more than a million dollars to buy the series outright, we’d be happy to help see it come to life again on your platform.

Of course, we understand your priorities are getting access to libraries like that of Showtime and HBO, but what could be more appealing than your own content? Sure, House of Cards is nice, but for the same money our beloved shows could return to the air and you would gain a following more devoted than you can anticipate. We know it is an ambitious hope, but we offer it humbly- and we, the fans of this show, will help you in any way we can. We believe that with a monthly subscription model, added atop your current instant watching cost, the existing fanbase would not just provide for a healthy profit for your business, but a borderline truly ridiculous one. We wish you all the best, and thank you for your time.

The ______(number of likes) members of Help Nathan Buy Firefly

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