Why I love Firefly

First off, I want to thank everyone at Unstoppable Signals for giving me chance to blog for them (Thor, Les and Tom – I’m lookin’ at you). Who knew when Nathan said “I win the lotto, I buy Firefly, a shiny hat, a pony, and a rocket ship.” (verbatim, I swear) that it would bring so many of you together!  But then again, people who haven’t seen Firefly or its companion movie Serenity just don’t get what the big deal is.

I aim to convert them.

Here’s the thing…it’s exceedingly rare for a television show to come along and have the right mix of action, humor, drama, sexual tension, and great characterizations.  It’s even rarer for that television show to produce a quality episode every single week.  When a show comes along of that caliber one of three things can happen.  One, it can be successful and end on its own terms (i.e. Battlestar Galactica).  Two, it can be successful and then stay on way longer than it should have (Stargate SG1).  Three, it can be screwed over by its network, canceled in its prime and find huge success on DVD, thereby proving to the network just how royally they f*cked up.

This last category is where we find Firefly, a shining diamond in a universe full of coal.

Captain Nerd Girl...it has a certain ring to it dontcha think?

I am a fan of many science fiction television shows – I couldn’t call myself Hot Nerd Girl if I wasn’t – and I’ll be frank with you.  Firefly is the one show in my nerd arsenal that is perfect.  There is not one bad episode.  Star Trek can’t even say that and I love Star Trek more than just about anything on this planet.  The fact that the first and only season is so perfect is a minor miracle in TV Land.  The first season is when most writers, directors, and actors are working the kinks out.  Don’t believe me?  Watch the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  There are some truly awful episodes in there and it is arguably the most beloved science fiction TV show of all time.  Joss Whedon managed to give us greatness right out of the gate.  Sure, he had some practice with Buffy and Angel, both excellent shows in their own right.  But Firefly was special.  It was his piece de resistance.

And it was snatched away from him by a network notorious for making bad decisions.  So much so that it’s most successful show, The Simpsons, has been making fun of them for years.

Is it any great surprise then that the Browncoats would rise to the occasion and snatch at any glimmer of hope for a redo?  The cause may be as futile as the Independents’ but if there is one thing I have learned about science fiction fans; it’s that they never, ever give up hope.

Wonderful as it would be to see new episodes of Firefly produced, there is something romantic about the way it remains an elusive fantasy.  It gives us something to strive for and dream about.  There’s no telling whether new material would live up to the aura that has been created around Malcolm Reynolds and his hodgepodge crew of misfits.  I like to think it would.  Part of the magic is that we may never know.

Photoshopping by fellow Browncoat Todd Mikkelson

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Tracy aka Hot Nerd Girl is a science fiction and fantasy nerd in the extreme. So much so that she feels the need to experience it and write about it constantly. She is excited to be contributing to Unstoppable Signals and can also be found at her blog www.hotnerdgirl.com.