Welcome friends, let’s show our might!

Hello, friends!

Welcome to our new website! We’re excited to be here, I hope you are too.

Today, we’re launching our Zazzle store – http://dft.ba/-zazz – to benefit Kids Need to Read.  We’ve rigged it so all money goes direct to KNTR – we don’t even touch it!  Over at Zazzle, you can find the top 3 designs from the design contest on shirts. The most popular design – “A good book…” – has also been added to other stuff like Hoodies, mugs and even iPhone cases. We think it’s pretty shiny. You should see more added over the next few weeks, and can kick us suggestions using the “contact us” form here. You’ve already broken Facebook and WordPress with the crushing power of your might, Browncoats – shall we add Zazzle to the list?  In addition, Zazzle US seems to be running a deal where shipping is free over $50… maybe they are Browncoats! (Enter code ‘FREESHIPFORU’ at checkout.)

In either case, on this site you can find a compilation of  the history and media exposure from the campaign. We’ve also included bios for each individual member of the Unstoppable Signals team as now money is changing hands, even if it is going right to the coffers of Kids Need to Read.

Keep the signal strong, and look out for an update Thursday,

-The Unstoppable Signals Team


Note for our international friends, at the Zazzle site, simply change the .com to your local domain for local shipping and rates.  Here’s some of the more common options:

A full listing of their local versions are available at the bottom of the Zazzle home page.

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