Shuttle 2: Pre Launch Check

Alright everyone, we’re going through Shuttle 2’s pre-launch checklist.

While we wait for the ship to warm up,  I’d like to introduce some of Shuttle 2’s crew. (in no particular order)


Thor Kuhn:

Thor is a 26 year old workaholic.  Most of his time is spent working for a large television service provider, along with being the Technical Auditorium Manager at his local high school, doing some occasional home theater work  and  managing a couple client web sites.   Thor is also the proud father of a wonderful 6 year old girl that loves to sing the Firefly theme song.  Like many others Thor wasn’t aware of Firefly until Serenity came out and a friend said, “You have to watch the entire series of Firefly first”, fourteen hours later he was allowed to watch Serenity.  As an avid fan of Sci-Fi and Whedon in general,  if was just one more heart break over another show that was canceled before it’s time.

Les Alkins:

Les is a 51 year old father of two wonderful daughters (ages 6 & 10) who are now avid Friefly fans too. He’s been in the Accounting field for 26 years, but is currently “between jobs”. His last position was the CFO for a quick service restaurant chain. Les has two masters degrees and two bachelor degrees with an associates degree thrown in for good measure. All are in the field of business. He spends his time job hunting, activities with his daughters and recovering from back surgery.

Les was first introduced to Serenity in Mid December. The channel advertised that Serenity was “from the creater of Firefly”. So he searched Firefly on his sattelite provider and saw that OVN was showing the complete Firefly episodes in one week. The enitre Firefly Series was DVR’ed and he was hooked. Les purchased the Firefly DVD set and Serenity Blu-ray. He now has the Firefly Blu-ray set and lent out his DVD set to convert others. His daughters watch the shows with him and know the lines before the actors say them. And of course, they constantly sing the Firefly theme song.

Les was one of the first to “like” the HNBF Facebook page when it came out and has been very active on the site since. He wants to have more Firefly episodes made, if not for him, then for his children. That is why he fights so hard.


Doty, is the performing arts nerd of her group.  In high school she was in choir and show choir (a little more show tunesy, a little less gLee pop music).  She also did community youth theatre shows when possible.  She continued with choir and stage acting in college, and nows live in OH  majoring in Drama.  Dotty was introduced to Firefly about six years ago.  Her  boyfriend (he wasn’t such at the time) introduced her and all her friends to it, and  loved it ever since.


Freech is a recent college graduate who enjoys photography and cycling in his free time. He also volunteers at Habitat for Humanity and other community organizations, and has helped out at Michigan State University’s semi-annual Red Cedar River Cleanup for the past six years. In that time he has removed a total of 89 bikes and a moped from the river. It is a continuous effort, and there has been marked progress during that time. He has been a Firefly fan since the beginning, and fell in love with the show before its untimely demise.


Clearwater is a mother of two spectacular sons.   A 21 year old, who is her real life Big Damn Hero, in more ways than can be counted!    And a 3 1/2 year old, who brings light into her life every day!  Her other passion is creating.   Current obsessions in the crafty arts are knitting, spinning and sewing, all of which she wishes to get better at, but loves a good challenge.  And of course, there is Science Fiction, the thing that led her here, and the one true constant in her life.


Tralyn is a 28 year old bank teller, pool player and Browncoat. Not your average girly-girl, having worked at a couple garages (that’s the Kaylee in her!) and as a volunteer firefighter. This is probably what has drawn her to Joss Whedon so intensely,  being a fan of his since 1997 when the very first Buffy episode aired.  She’s only ever not seen one episode of the 144 (Go Fish), and plans to keep it that way, just so the show will never officially be over. She love how Joss always puts girls and women in such strong, ass kicking roles, from Buffy to River to Echo… she loves them all. She didn’t know about our precious Firefly when it was on air, nor  hear about Serenity. A friend who knew she loved all things Buffy lent her his Firefly DvDs one day, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Sadie Kay:

Sadie was introduced to Firefly just after Serenity, but before she had seen either. A friend put in “Our Mrs. Reynolds” and she fell in love; she immediately scoured the city to find a copy of the DVD set, and has been converting people since. Sadie currently works in the non-profit sector, doing finances for a public library, and volunteers with an organization focused on creating safe spaces for LGBT youth both in her city and beyond. They run a handful of programs, including a very successful youth peer support group, and provide educational services for schools and teachers’ conferences. Sadie loves Whedon’s strong and independent female figures, and the way he handles LGBT issues in his shows. Soon after she found Firefly she devoured the rest of his work, but always goes back to her first love, short and shiny as she is.


Chica is a happy retiree after working 30 long hard years for a nationwide communications company. Currently most of her time is spent doing volunteer work in her community and Mexico.
A friend introduced her to Firefly last December when she was given her DVD set (her friend recently purchased the Blu-ray set). She didn’t think it would be something she would be interested in but what the heck, it was Joss Whedon. After watching 1 or 2 episodes she knew she never wanted the series to end, and rationed out the rest of the episodes to make them last as long as possible.


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