On how we commune.

This week, Unstoppable Signals will be highlighting each of the options that have been presented to fans in our “State of Affairs” post now that we have heard back from Fox. You can participate if you have not already voted, as the poll has been included in this post.

This poll will determine the future of Unstoppable Signals. So, your participation and continued support is critical.

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Today, we will be discussing the “Create a Browncoat social networking site or Facebook application where you can all interact, promote all things in the ‘Verse and run guerrilla campaigns to convince Fox directly to create more Firefly” option.

Individually speaking, there are many ways for a Browncoat to perform great works, but as a whole, with community direction and support, a whole new world of options becomes available. A community driven website or application for this amazing user-base, which now totals over 116,000, can provide a new way to run campaigns and even guerrilla marketing methods to achieve a few key goals:

1. Improve awareness about the wonders of the ‘Verse and the great things we Browncoats are capable of doing, continue to boost sales of Firefly and Serenity, and connect fans in an easy-to-use manner to discuss their love of the ‘Verse with each other;

2. Persuade Fox and other key players that the demand for and appeal of a continuation of Firefly or a Serenity sequel is sufficient to justify the investment of time and resources on their parts; and

3. Continue to promote the charitable causes that are near and dear to the hearts of Firefly’s creators.

When developing the idea for a Browncoat community, one of the ideas that we have most liked is a jobs and achievements missions application. This would include a number of things for individual Browncoats and Browncoat organizations to do. Here’s a few examples of ideas we’ve thought up that could be done through the community Browncoat project:

A) Run guerrilla marketing campaigns;

*letter writing campaigns to major players;
*spread the word campaigns; and
*creative outdoor advertising.

B) Organize and promote charity drives;

C) Share pictures of awesome Firefly-related events and activities, and even engage in simple tasks like wearing gear at awesome locales and famous landmarks — for example, wear a Firefly t-shirt, go to the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building and take a picture;

D) Host a Shindig or start a local Browncoat chapter to share your love and keep the ship in the sky;

E) Adding new features to the App or Social Networking site, encouraging programmers to develop additional add-ons that promote Firefly and Serenity and otherwise spread the signal and to help grow and empower the community;

F) Buy Firefly and Serenity as a gift for a library, friend, family member, etc.;

G) Start a Firefly and science fiction fan blog hosted at Shuttle 2 on Unstoppable Signals to help spread the signal; and

H) Write fan fiction and share it via the App or Social Networking site.

These are just some of the potential ideas we’ve had with the community building project option.  This is much more of “a do great things, promote the ‘Verse, and just generally love being who we are” campaign.

If we can do great things, great things will come to us. But, every mission would have their own achievement awards (most likely shiny new badges for your avatar, or something along those lines) so that users inside the App or Social Networking Site can keep track of each other’s achievements.

This is meant to be a highly interactive campaign and we’d really like more input on ideas. Please let us know in the comments section if you have any specific ideas, would like to discuss other things that should be taken into consideration, as we’d like as much feedback as possible.

And help spread the signal and point your friends to the “State of Affairs” poll by posting it on your Facebook status. With your help, the future of Unstoppable Signals will be decided.

Note for Script Kiddies and Code Monkeys:   We are still looking for help with the App work, if you’d like to help out please fill out the following (or shoot Derek an email) and we’ll get in touch with you:

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