Moving Forward

Hi Everyone,

Today, Nathan Fillion gave a great interview to Backstage.  He specifically says not to send any money to a website.  We here at HNBF whole-heartedly agree, which is why we are gauging interest in a fan-funded production instead of setting up a bank account.

If it were as easy as just raising a lot of money, we would have a campaign running with Kickstarter from day one.  We set up the pledge system to see what a small group of fans could do together.  What we’ve seen is more than just money: we’ve seen a great community shout “We are Mighty!” because they want a chance to revisit the world and characters they love.

We share Mr. Fillion’s dream about traveling back to the ‘Verse.  What Browncoat hasn’t dreamed of watching another episode of Firefly?  That excitement resulted in Serenity being made.  But producing a television show is a very complicated process (as we quickly found out).

Some very bright people have already joined forces to find a realistic approach to taking us back to the ‘Verse.  However, these plans take time to cultivate and refine.  We have kept the Help Nathan Buy Firefly site and Facebook page open because it is a way to reach everyone excited by Mr. Fillions’s dream. Until we can build a permanent home for such a potent group of enthusiasts, we’re leaving the current one intact.

We understand this is a massive undertaking that will take determination, perseverance, and faith to accomplish.  But based on the overwhelming response to a simple website, we’re confident you have the devotion to see this dream through.

Rest assured, Mr. Fillion, Mr. Whedon, Browncoats, and everyone else watching, we know Nathan was only sharing his dream with the world.  But right now Firefly is trying to crawl, and we’re here to carry it.

All of us.

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