The Pledge System and 100k

It’s exactly what we talked about from Day 1 – a pledge system to see fans could raise to get the show back in some form.

To simplify things for everyone, we’ve dropped the charity side pledge idea from it so we have pure, simple numbers. No one is committing to anything with it.

So, let’s celebrate that we have 100,000 people on Facebook who’d be ready to help. And let’s see what 100,000 people would be able to help with.


Due to people commenting a pledge instead of adding a pledge, commenting on this post is disabled.  Not because we censor disagreements or discussion, but just to make sure there’s no confusion.

Big Damn Disclaimer

This is not legally binding. You can’t SEND us this money. Nathan hasn’t said he’d do anything with this. Joss hasn’t said he’d do anything with this. Fox hasn’t said they’d do anything with this. Universal has not said they’d do anything with this.

We’re just finding out, how much is Firefly worth to 100,000 fans – if we could bring it all back with just our wallets. Please don’t inflate your numbers just to boost ours – put only what you really could give presently.

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