How you can help right now

Update/Edit: Note:  Some of the contents of this post have been contested.  Michael from Browncoats: Redemption has asked us to post that in 2008 the project received Joss’ blessing via email through his assistant. In 2010 Joss signed a copy of that email for Michael (which can be seen at, but beyond that they’ve had no direct contact to Joss.  They have had little contact with most of the cast beyond some “I am a Browncoat” videos and interviews.  It is the opinion of Michael, which we here at HNBF share, that showing strong numbers for BC:R will have a positive impact to any future business deals that Fox may be a part of that involve more Firefly.  We here at HNBF put this link forward as part of that shared belief.  We are glad we’ve raised funds for charity as a result and look forward to seeing more of Niska when our copy arrives.

Update #2: Comments on this one had to be locked down because folks were getting far, far too riled up and being unacceptably uncivil, not respecting reasonable boundaries – things getting posted that should not have been. We thought BC:R was a good thing to support, and plenty of folks feel likewise and otherwise. Understood. Let’s leave it there.

While we’re putting together the “Big Damn Plan” behind the scenes, you’re all anxious to do something that will help. What would help right now is everyone heading over to Browncoats: Redemption and picking up a copy.

Now, we know what you’ll be thinking: “It’s a fan-film to support charity, which is pretty awesome – but it’s not the crew I want, so I don’t care”.

Here’s why you should care:

Browncoats: Redemption has Joss’s personal approval and clearance from Fox as the unofficial sequel to Serenity, as well as the support of actors from the crew. For Fox, it’s a trial project.

Fox is watching closely to see what the amazing people at Browncoats: Redemption can pull off with only 1 year of sales. They look at movements like Help Nathan Buy Firefly as all flash in the pan – lots of noise, but meaningless. Everyone talks about the reputation of fans of Firefly and how mighty we are.

Here’s our clearest chance to show Fox that even an unofficial story set in the ‘Verse is as important to us as canon work. Here’s our chance to blow the first-week sales figures for the Serenity Collector’s Edition DVD out of the water.

If Fox sees Browncoats: Redemption sell, then the fan support for Firefly is not gossip, our reputation is fact. Is solid.

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