Day Seven of HNBF

Everyone’s anxious to hear an update, so let’s get to it!

First off, this was the original plan, 3 basic phases:

  1. Generate awareness to get the attention of some serious folks, try to estimate how much we’d raise via a no-cash pledge system
  2. Get their buy-in to help make things happen
  3. Raise the funding for real, not just pledges


Where are we at now?

Phase 1 is half done – we have roughly 70,000 people chiming in anxious to help. We’re wrapping up work on the cash-less pledge system. We’ve had a lot of people suggest we use great sites like Kickstarter, but the fact remains that since the best possible goal is to still purchase the IP rights to Firefly, it doesn’t really fall under their acceptable use policy.

We’re in the process of reaching out to managers, agents, and publicists over the next several days to see if we can get more direct feedback towards Phase 2.

The pledge system should be up within the next day or two, so soon we’ll be able to take a full measure of what support this idea has.


Where are we going?

Here’s the thing – we expect Nathan was joking. We’re sure interviews will cover that he was.

When we put a dollar value on all your support for the idea, what may have been a joke could take on a more serious tone. Either Joss might be willing to revisit fan-funded projects or we’ll get the attention of a network who is willing to take a serious evaluation of the series (say, perhaps you Science Channel?).

It would be wonderful to setup a not-for-profit to purchase the rights from 20th Century Fox, but the chances of that are pretty unlikely without at least having Joss involved.


What if Nathan was joking and Joss isn’t interested?

We expect this outcome, to be frank. But, here’s what we plan to do as part of this whole project: When people pledge funding towards the idea, we’re going to be asking what % you’d be willing to donate towards these charities:

  • Nathan co-founded Kids Need to Read (helping disadvantaged children with literacy and reading)
  • Joss supports Can’t Stop the Serenity (which supports Equality Now, protecting human rights)
  • Near and dear to our hearts is Child’s Play (helping improving the lives of children in hospitals)


Bringing back Firefly still a longshot, but we’re going to keep trying until we get shot down hard by the folks that matter. If that happens, we’ll still help a lot of people.




If you can’t do something smart, do something right.



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