Common Questions and Answers

Alrighty, TONS of great support, including link throughs from Reddit, Geeks of Doom, io9, and a great showing from the Twitter Browncoats!

Since as many questions are rolling in as traffic, here’s a post to answer lots of them.

  1. What do I do now? Check back in a few days, we’ll have the pledge system online.  Spread the signal, far and wide.  FB, Twitter, where-ever.
  2. Where can I pledge? No where yet, it’ll be here.
  3. Wait, are you people fund raising to distribute the episodes online? No, no.  This is to get new content rolling.  That’s why owning the DVD’s or getting Netflix isn’t a solution.
  4. 300 million? Nathan pulled that figure out of nowhere.  We likely would not really need that much.  We need to do two things with funding:  pay for the property (buying it from Fox) and pay for any costs of new content.  On the former, the Terminator series license was $30 million.  We probably don’t need even that to buy the rights.
  5. Use – Great suggestion, and that will make sense when we’re looking at the cost of producing the content.  We don’t think we can use that to acquire the property as part 1, but we’re going to find out early next week.
  6. Can you be a non-profit for this? Short answer is yes.  Tax exempt status is tougher to come by, but forming a non-profit corporation is a lot easier than you think.  The admins work with non-profits professionally, so we do have some knowledge in this area.
  7. Should you really be putting all that fund-raising effort towards this? Corollary: There are starving people somewhere, help them!  Well, there are projects to decrease suck and projects to increase awesome.  You ‘re talking about the former, we’re working on one of the latter.   See this great post for an example and explanation.
  8. Should we fund raise just to have someone else to own it? The thought process was perhaps to make it communally owned by the organization.   We won’t know until we get some buy-in from Mr. Fillion or Mr. Whedon or Mr. Minear.
  9. If the fans own it, does that mean the fans can make official content? Well, that’s trying to figure out the color of the car that someone might want to buy from a factory that still isn’t built yet.  In other words, we’ll get to that if we can clear more relevant hurdles.   Cool concept though!
  10. What network would show this?  SyFy? Science? Who said anything about being on TV?   Not sure it’s relevant, but when content is made, bids can be taken from various networks.
  11. Bids?  You said non-profit. There’s still a lot of money that would be made from lots of things that fans wouldn’t have to pay for, like merchandise, things like that.  Those would be revenue.  Non-profits can have revenue, it just must be put to use.  Likely, it would fund more content, but if not, then it could be redistributed to some of the ‘decrease suck’ causes.
  12. This has been tried before, what makes you special? Who the heck are you?! Link us to some prior attempts.  And tried before isn’t a guarantee of failure.  One must try.   And as for us, we’re Browncoats.
  13. If the project doesn’t happen, will I get my money back? Not going to ask for any actual cash until we’re further down the road and have buy-in.   When that happens, if the project still doesn’t take off, yes, all people would get their donations back, 100%.

Hopefully, this answers a lot of your great questions!

Addition: No, we’re not Nathan and we’ve not heard from him yet.

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