A lil update

It continues to come to our attention that some folk are upset with us for two things, our anonymity and the fact that we recommended that folks pick up the “Browncoats: Redemption” movie as a way to help bring attention to the movement to bring back Firefly.

Firstly, let us just say that it has been amazing seeing the enormous outpouring of fan support for the idea to get the rights for Firefly into the hands of somebody willing to carry on its legacy. We had no idea when we formed this Facebook page and web site that it would be such a big hit. Our surprise is roughly approximate to seeing a fleet of reavers come out of the ion cloud when we expected a just a ship or two.

On the matter of our anonymity, those of you that suspect that we are a front for some bizarre prescient marketing genius or perhaps a clever front for the “Browncoats: Redemption” folks, we can only point out that the sequence of events makes both of those possibilities seem somewhat…well…crazy. If we were somehow able to see the future so that we could predict Nathan’s comments and predict that acting on them would draw such a huge response, then we’d be far better off just telling Nathan the winning lottery numbers and staying under the radar. No, a far more plausible explanation for our anonymity is that we actually have real lives that are still going on while HNBF is gathering force. We have spouses that care that we have not yet loaded the dishwasher because we’re too busy working on this little project that happened to interest 100,000 fans whom we don’t want to let down. One thing that we do foresee, once we drop our anonymity, is that we will have a lot harder time making good on the job, which is to provide a possible path to bringing back the show we all love. If you don’t trust us as a result, we cannot really fault you for that. The internet is a wild place, do what you think is best. In turn, for those of you that do decide to trust us, we shall do everything in our power not to let you down. We all want Firefly to succeed and grow, and if you choose to try something not related to us to try to bring that about we can only applaud your efforts.

As far as “Browncoats: Redemption”, we think that some of you folks are a little crazy. Here’s Mike Doughty who has crafted a film with the help of many equally dedicated fans and he’s giving all the proceeds away to charities. Mind you, he has to give the proceeds to charity but he knew that going in. You may not like his film or you may just not like him but to attack him based on paranoid speculation that he is somehow in league with us to boost his movie sales is not just ridiculous, it’s downright rude. As some commenters have pointed out, our recommendation was just a suggestion. We are not associated with “Browncoats: Redemption” in any way and prior to early last week we had never communicated with Mike in any way. Even Mike doesn’t know who we are because, as we’ve mentioned, we have chosen to be anonymous for now. We get that it’s the open internet and all and that people who hang there often get snippy but surely you could direct some of that biting commentary towards more deserving parties. We stand by our recommendation, but it is just that and no more.

Lastly, we really aren’t Readers like Mz. Tam and we really did not expect this sort of response. As it happens, we aren’t babes in a basket when it comes to making websites, organizing events and generally helping folks get things done – but this is a larger scale and faster tempo than we expected. We are working on a bigger plan and we think it is a good one but along with working our day jobs and trying to respond to the community it will take more than a few tics to work up. We may offer some other ideas or point you to some other projects while we do our work, some of which may have options to fork over your hard earned money in exchange for merchandise. This isn’t a nefarious marketing ploy, this is us trying to keep your attention focused on all things Firefly by feeding you links to homebrew projects that other fine members of this community have already worked on, some for many years. We would link you to a place where you could directly feed your cash into new episodes of official Firefly, but unfortunately no such place exists.

But, just maybe, we all can make that happen together.

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